What are the advantages of Trees?

What are the advantages of Trees?

Nature has produced a lot of things in the world. There is air, water, soil etc. Each and every thing in the world has a purpose. The purpose, the reason behind the existence of some of the things may be still hidden. But there are some of them which are being utilized very beautiful. Humans are taking advantage from them. One of the creations is the tree. Yes, the tree which is seen everywhere around us. There would be many uses of a tree.

Did you ever thought what are the advantages of a tree? Why it is all around us? What are the functions and things we can make with a help of tree? Well, here you are going to see some of the prominent advantages of it. Here are some of them given below:

Tree And Environment Around Us


Life and health is the most important thing everything else comes after it. Tree plays an important role in it. How? It has the ability to clean the environment. The excess amount of carbon dioxide is not good for our health. It is the reason of climate change so as much tree we will plant the less will be the amount of CO2. It absorbs the carbon dioxide. Moreover, it also absorbs the odors and other pollutants in the air like ammonia, nitrogen etc

Temperature Controller And Source Of Wood

Wood is used for a lot of things. People build houses, make papers etc .Tree is the only source for it. They must be grown in enough amounts so that the amount of trees never falls down. However, trees play an important role in controlling the temperature of the areas where they are grown in large amount. These days people are cutting trees which is becoming the cause of high temperatures. If you cut a tree then you must plant two more so that the cycle of its life remains constant and so the temperature.

Economical Benefits

You would be thinking how it is beneficial for economical growth? Well, it plays an important role in it. The tree is the least expensive thing which anyone can grow. But the benefits of it can be in dollars. You can have a business of papers, woods carving or furniture. The trees attract animals and birds around it. It is a source of getting colors fruits. You can have fresh fruits at your home. It will add your contribution towards the environment as well as the healthy fruits will be part of our lives.

People see the beauty and greenery of trees only. They attract the eyes. But they do ┬ánot go deeper and think about a healthy environment which is because of them. It is the time to add some contribution towards the nature and show you love the nature. Plant a tree and give hope of healthy environment. It is not only going to be beneficial for you but for upcoming generations as well. Start thinking about it today because trees are not expensive at all.…