Why Kitchen Remodeling Is So Popular in Northern Virginia

Many people who own homes think of residential remodeling as this extremely expensive, never achievable thing, simply because that’s what everyone but the construction companies and banks tell them. When remodels can range from a thousand bucks upwards of fifty to a hundred grand, it’s easy to see how people can buy into that.

But there’s a big difference between those who can and cannot actually afford quality remodeling without going into a whole in their finances, which is basically the same as buying a fancy car when you can’t really afford it or purchasing a huge TV just to watch the game on Sunday night.

Northern Virginia, especially areas like Falls Church, Leesburg and Sterling are full of wealthy people who can, without a question, afford to remodel their homes 5 times over without having their finances budge at all. After all Loudoun County is one richest counties in the United States according to Census Bureau.

According to Sam, the owner at Kitchen & Bath Remodeling of Alexandria, check out their website at http://alexandriakitchenbathremodel.com. Sam believes that sales for custom home and kitchen remodeling in Loudoun County are the easiest as long as you have a design that the customer likes, because money is NEVER an issue there.

It’s important to understand why exactly that is and trace the source of those high incomes.

You have to look at the geographical map of the United States. Northern VA is located right beneath Washington DC which is a huge metropolis and some of the highest level decision come from there. Lots of those decisions are regarding government spending, which has been a big issue these past 15 years or so. Simply take a look at the history of our military spending. The numbers don’t lie.

Much of that money, amount of which can be hard to grasp in your mind, is given to government contractors for certain tasks related to the military systems, defense tasks, special operations and so on. Government contracting and defense work are an enormous industry, which leads directly to people making a LOT of money, as long as they have the smarts.

This is one of the biggest reasons Northern Virginia and DC areas are so attractive for new and rising talent. There’s a great amount of high paying opportunity all around. Companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin have an enormous presence there.

So, going back to the original question of why kitchen remodeling is so darn popular in Northern Virginia? Because most people who own property here can AFFORD it and that’s the end of it.

If you try to sell a renovation to someone in the poorer parts of Chicago, they’ll laugh you out of their home and will be 100% right to do so, because in the end… You MUST know, understand and appreciate your customer and their wants, needs, desires and possibilities!